Pulse of Fundraising - November 2023

November Pulse of Fundraising: AI and Fundraising
November kicks off one of the busiest times of year in development. As our never-ending to-do lists keep growing, there has been increased buzz around the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in our sector. Is there a place for ChatGPT in a world where relationships are king? Check out the following resources that explore AI in fundraising, the exciting areas for growth, and things of which to be wary. And for an even deeper dive into this topic, don’t forget to register for our December program, Unlocking the Potential: AI in Fundraising- Exploring Possibilities and Navigating Challenges.

Maintaining Your Organization's Voice While Using AI

This podcast from The Fund Raising School discusses the potential of using AI as a tool to impact how we fundraise. Bill Stanczykiewicz, EdD, and Josh Hirsch, MS, digital marketing manager for The Fund Raising School, delve into how to use AI to generate content and as a predictive modeling tool while maintaining your organization’s voice.

Pros and Cons of AI

In this article, Daniel Hadley, deputy chief philanthropy officer for the University of Utah, discusses the potential influence of AI and ChatGPT on donor communications. While he notes that the technology has benefits—including the potential to reduce the cost per dollar raised—there are also things to be wary of, such as the danger of rushing into using the technology before its limitations are understood.

12 Ways to Use ChatGPT and Other AI Tools for Fundraising

Meredith Gray, head of marketing at Keela, provides 12 ways you can use ChatGPT and other tools (such as Grammarly) to help in your fundraising efforts. Strategies include using ChatGPT to create first drafts of appeals, emails, and boiler plate language, and using it as a brainstorming tool to generate new ideas.

8 Steps Nonprofits Can Take to Adopt AI Responsibly

Industry experts Beth Kanter, Allison Fine, and Philip Deng discuss the quick emergence and implementation of AI, not just with ChatGPT but with programs many of us are already using like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office. They offer advice for nonprofits on how to use these tools in a way that is ethical and people centered.



















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