WID’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement

Development is creative work, enriched by the individuality of the professionals advancing the philanthropic community’s myriad missions and services. WID is committed to build, sustain, and celebrate a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) that reflects and enhances this creativity. 

WID pledges to provide an accessible and equitable professional development environment where all of its members, guests, and partners are valued, respected, and empowered. WID seeks participation from people of all identities and abilities, at every stage of career experience, and offers a forum to exchange ideas and knowledge. In this spirit, WID vows to be a leader to grow and support a robust, diverse community of fundraisers and nonprofit professionals. WID will continue to invest in professional DEI training opportunities and seek partnerships with other organizations to fulfill this promise. Our aim is to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the nonprofit sector in the greater Boston community.

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