Pulse of Fundraising - April 2021

Pulse of Fundraising

With tax filing season upon us, this month’s Pulse of Fundraising focuses on ways you can help your donors make the most of their philanthropic intentions. 

A tax break for retirees is back. Here’s how to use it — and what to avoid
A deep dive into QCDs and how they do – and don’t – offer great benefits to many of your donors.
Some Changes That May Affect Next Year’s Tax Return  
It seems like the rules change every year. Look ahead while being ready to answer your donor’s questions about tomorrow today.
While the net worth of America’s billionaires has increased during the pandemic, we are faced with outdated incentives that do not keep pace with needs of organizations serving on the front lines in our communities. “Fixing inefficiencies in our charitable giving tax laws will ensure the timely flow and increase of resources to working charities from these philanthropic vehicles.”
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