Pulse of Fundraising - April 2023

Fundraising During Challenging Financial Times
Recession and inflation loom large over our work these days. How can we, as fundraisers and nonprofit leaders, prepare our organizations and our donors to weather economic challenges? These four articles offer insights, tips, and some much-needed reminders of the importance of our work, especially in uncertain economic times.

First Day Podcast: Fundraising for a Recession

In this episode of The First Day podcast from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Timothy Seiler, Rosso Fellow in Philanthropic Fundraising/Clinical Professor of Philanthropic Studies, advises fundraisers to recognize the challenges recessions bring while reminding us to stay the course and remember the long view.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind for Recession Fundraising

This handy list from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education is aimed at schools and colleges but translates well to any non-profit. These five tips remind us to keep our organizations focused on the task at hand and working together more than ever during a recession.


Combat the Effects of High Inflation on Donors’ Giving 

In this article, Dave Smith, CEO & Founder of Heaton Smith Group, tackle the other major economic force on all our minds… inflation. Smith advises broadening our gifting opportunities and focusing on planned giving as two valuable tips to keep fundraising on track. 


Donors Don’t Understand Inflation’s Impact on Charities. That’s Why Fundraisers Must Tell Them

As fundraisers, helping donors understand our needs and how they can make a difference, is core to our work. In this article, Columbia University’s Gregory Witkowski reminds us that “talking about how inflation is changing a nonprofit’s ability to meet needs — and deal with any increase in demands — is crucial to helping donors better figure out how to make a difference.”      

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