Pulse of Fundraising - March 2021

Pulse of Fundraising
March is Women's History Month. As women in philanthropy, we are taking a moment to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of those in the field. 

 "What’s less explored is why imposter syndrome exists in the first place and what role workplace systems play in fostering and exacerbating it in women. We think there’s room to question imposter syndrome as the reason women may be inclined to distrust their success."
woman's hands counting cash

Women and the Changing Face of Philanthropy 

"This shifting dynamic is best understood as a movement started by women eager to engage in philanthropy that has the potential to benefit women."

"By embracing ‘philanthropist’ as a key part of their identity, women can not only redefine who people see as generous but can also push the conversation about what it means to be philanthropic."
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