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Personally and professionally, many of us have been asking ourselves questions about the state of our world, particularly with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as racial and social injustice. Instead of grappling with these challenges individually, we thought that our community could benefit from coming together and growing our understanding by exploring these topics through the lens of philanthropy.

WID as an organization is committed to promoting and supporting the advancement of others. Therefore we cannot do that in a vacuum, without first looking at ourselves, examining our own place, diversifying our group, listening to less heard voices amongst us, and acting equitably on behalf of all. We need to start by opening our doors wider, asking good questions, learning more about each others’ realities, always advocating for inclusion, and working together to find and implement solutions.

It’s in this spirit that the DEI Committee is launching a new program series called “WID Asks Why”The goal is to shed light on current practices in the development field that reinforce a multitude of inequities (e.g., racial, gender, and economic) and envision ways to disrupt, dismantle, and reshape the culture of philanthropy to be more equitable. 
As valued members of the WID community, we invite you to not only join us but also to share your ideas with regard to potential speakers and topics you’d like us to cover. 
If you have feedback to offer, please reach out to the DEI Committee Co-Chairs:
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