The Pulse of Fundraising – Summer 2020

Pulse of Fundraising
Remember how every summer as a kid you would have a Summer Reading List? Well, this summer is no different!

Check out this reading list full of resources from leading experts that individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations can use to shape an equitable and radically inclusive world.

You won’t want to miss this list of anti-racist resources from Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Berrett-Koehler is an independent publisher with the mission of connecting people and ideas to create a world that works for all. 
“Anti-racism is more than a buzzword. It’s an active practice that requires looking at harmful personal and institutional biases, interrogating power dynamics, and combating racial inequality and injustice. Here is a list of resources that can move us into the meaningful work of dismantling oppression in the world so we can build anew.” 
Included in this list is a book WID first recommended back in our September edition of the Pulse of Fundraising, Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance by Edgar Villanueva.


Explainer: What is Decolonization?

You may be thinking about picking up Decolonizing Wealth by Edgar Villanueva, but thinking to yourself, what exactly does decolonization mean?
Check our this article from The Conversation to get started.

Check out these articles about how the philanthropic community continues to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Headshot of Gislaine NgounouThis Moment Shows Us Why Philanthropy Should Reinvent Itself
“I am a firm believer that philanthropy has a responsibility to play a unique role in dismantling and reshaping systems of inequity that have perpetuated barriers to access, opportunities, and equitable outcomes for far too many of our young people and communities.” – Gislaine Ngounou
In a recent article in the Nonprofit Quarterly, Gislaine Ngounou, Vice President of Strategy and Programs at the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, invites the philanthropic community to rethink its approaches to giving.
“Doing so requires Sankofa, an examination of the past that prompts us to go back and have a candid conversation about where our philanthropy comes from.”


Jar tipped over spilling pennies onto a table‘HalfMyDAF’ Movement Aims to Spur a Boost in Donor-Advised-Fund Grants

Have you heard about the #HalfMyDAF Challenge?

To encourage people to give more freely from their donor-advised funds in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a California couple has offered to give up to $1 million to donors’ favorite nonprofits.
But there is a catch: The contributions will only be made if the donors pledge to empty half of their donor-advised-fund account and direct that money to charity by September 30.
David and Jennifer Risher say they created the #HalfMyDAF challenge because it’s more important than ever to move money out of donor-advised-fund “parking lots” and speed them to charities in need.


Group of people, one holding sign that says Black Lives MatterGrant Making for Racial Justice Surges With Major Pledges From Walmart, YouTube, and More

News about major pledges from national corporations and charitable funds, including $100 million dollars each from Walmart and the Walmart Foundation, Warner Music Group, and YouTube.

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