The Pulse of Fundraising – June 2020

Pulse of Fundraising

Nonprofits leaders continue to look forward in many ways. At the top of this conversation is how is the fundraising profession a more responsible partner to the black community?


Two women talkingThe Issue of Racism in the Fundraising Profession By Birgit Smith Burton, Executive Director of Foundation Relations, Georgia Institute of Technology; Founder, African American Development Officers Network

Acknowledging there’s a problem in our field is the first step. Listening to our black partners is the next. Read more about the issue of racism in the fundraising profession.

I struggled with the title for this blog because I didn’t want it to scare off people. To be clear, this musing is specifically about the issue of racism as it relates to fundraising professionals of color and not simply about “diversity in the fundraising profession.” When I read the title to a colleague, she was shocked and questioned, “Is there really racism in the fundraising profession? Who knew?”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Nonprofit Sector – Essential Resources for Nonprofit Professionals

Racial inequality extends to all facets of life, and the nonprofit sector is no exception. This library of resources from Bloomerang is designed to help nonprofit leaders establish and champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their organizations.

Overcoming the Racial Bias in Philanthropic Funding
Racial bias—both personal and institutional, conscious and unconscious—creeps into all parts of the philanthropic and grantmaking process.

The result is that nonprofit organizations led by people of color receive less money than those led by whites, and philanthropy ends up reinforcing the very social ills it says it is trying to overcome.
Don’t miss this article from the Standford Social Innovation Review detailing Echoing Green and The Bridgespan Group’s research into the depth of systemic racial inequities in philanthropic funding. 

A part of looking forward also means adjusting and planning fundraising strategies for the remainder of 2020. Many of us are thinking about virtual fall events and end of year campaigns. Here are three articles to help engage donors in new ways.

Two women looking at a computer screenFour Steps to Ensuring ROI for Virtual Events

As we look forward to the fall event season, consider the “AssessDecideCommunicateExecute” framework to clarify your event objectives and develop a plan to achieve them during this time of physical-distancing.



A group of people around a table. A person presenting, pointing to sticky notes on a wall10 Types Of Virtual Fundraising Campaigns You Can Run During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Struggling with what event feels appropriate for the times AND true to your mission? Here’s a list of fundraising ideas to get your creative juices flowing!




How to Engage Young Generations in the Age of COVID-19A group of people walking down the street

It’s never too early to engage the next generation of donors and philanthropists. Gen-Zers are more political and socially in tune then previous generations. Here are a few tips to tap into this group!

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